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My journey with sleep began when we trained my son at 6 months. He would sleep beautifully through the night, but still struggled in achieving those nice long naps.  We were lucky if he napped for an hour. Even though his sleep wasn’t perfect, I was happy with the fact that he was AT LEAST sleeping through the night. But, at around 13 months, something changed and he absolutely REFUSED to nap! He was like a jack-in-the-box! After 20 minutes of sleeping…POP! He would wake and cry and cry. What was going on??!? To make matters worse, he was beginning to wake earlier and earlier and was up multiple times a night! Oh, what a vicious cycle we were in! What was I doing wrong? I felt like I was doing a disservice to my son. How can he function on such little sleep? How can I, or my husband? We were exhausted. I was tired of scouring the internet finding contradictory information, and I wanted things to change. I needed some help. This was when I decided to invest in educating myself and my family on sleep.

We hired a sleep consultant who helped tweak our son’s schedule and supported and guided us through the whole process. The success and relief that we felt after our consultation was priceless. When I saw how well-rested and happy we all were, sleep became a priority in our household. This was when I got hooked on the science of sleep and completed my certification as a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute.

Every family and child is unique in their own special way. Sleep is a science, and I truly believe that a plan can be created that suits your family’s needs and comfortability best. I am passionate about bringing more attention to pediatric sleep, helping new parents develop better sleep skills and improving your family’s overall mental and physical health. I hope I can help you on your journey to become a well-rested family.

Our sleep packages are tailored for your families specific needs.